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Gambling and horse racing has a very close association for many centuries now. Betting on horse racing has been around since 1665. This was the year when the first racetrack was constructed on Long Island in North America. Such a marvellous betting concept is bright and alive even today. Thanks to шампион Raceway който е уникален телефон казино слотове comes as a tribute to age-old gambling event. This is a three reel game set in the backdrop of a derby racetrack. There is also a live derby game above the slot that offers various bonus features. The betting limit varies between £0.25 and £100 per spin. There five fixed paylines that offer various winning combinations.

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За разработчик на Champion Raceway

The developer of this tribute slot game is IGT, a well know online casino games developer in the world. Their games offer high-quality sound and graphics that offer various unique bonus features you can win from.

За играта

Символите на този телефон казино слотове game are fruits such as watermelon, oranges, apple purple in colour, blue grapes bunch and a lemon. The sliced watermelon offers the highest pay of 100 coins when three of them appear on a payline. Orange, apples, grapes and lemon pay you with 75, 30, 15 and 10 coins respectively. There is a bonus symbol in the game that is represented by ‘3X’ with roses around it. The symbols offer a colourful treat to your eyes along with some impressive game sounds. The sounds of the crowd cheering in the background offer a realistic experience.

Това безплатна мобилна бонус слотове game offers various features, including:

  • Wild Feature: Символът "3X" е див символ на това телефон казино слотове and it covers for all the other symbols of the game. Three of these also offers the game’s maximum stake of 10,000 coins.
  • Derby Racetrack: Има една писта над тази телефон казино слотове game. Here you can find five horses bearing different colours. Pink, yellow, red, blue and green and there are corresponding colour ribbons. These ribbons randomly appear as an overlay on the fruit symbols. The number of particular colour ribbons on the reels makes the corresponding horse move. One step for each ribbon is taken on the track. At the end of the track are the bonuses that you can win. There are free spins and jackpots that are offered at the end.

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Това е един от най-добрите три барабана телефон казино слотове based on horse race championship. The game is very simple to follow and gets interesting with horses progressing towards the finish line.

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