Candy Swap Slots

CoinFalls Casino

Candy Swap Slots

CoinFalls Casino

Begin Your Candy Swap Using the Mobile Casino Free Bonus

The Candy Swap is a five reel, nine payline slot game from the CoinFalls Casino. This brand new mobile casino website is waiting to sweep the Mobile Casino world with its smacking range of offers, promotions and bonuses. Speaking of which, the Mobile Casino Free Bonus is offered to the new players for joining this site.

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The CoinFalls Casino makes this easier for the new players to play their mobile games such as Candy Swap without the risk of losing their money. The Mobile Casino Free Bonus deposits into the player's account instantly, upon joining this website. It is perfect for them, to play this game for free and quickly understand the different layout, features and the symbols of this best phone slots no deposit bonus game.

Candy Swap Slots

Swap the Mobile Casino Free for sweet wins

Bring back the sweet memories of your childhood with sprinkled chocolates, jellies, cupcakes, Golden strawberries, and many other mouth watering delicacies. It's a delightful take on the sweet themed mobile slot, that's gaining popularity in the mobile casino field.

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Just match up the 2 Golden Strawberries to unlock the game's bonus round and win all the cash. With interesting features, free spins and bonus games, this mobile slot is the best example for using the Mobile Casino Free Bonus. Any wins got from using this bonus, can be withdrawn only after meeting the wagering requirement specified.

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Speaking of sweet wins, it's possible to win the game jackpot of up to 2500 times the line bet, of the Candy Swap mobile slot. The wagering requirement of this sweet themed mobile slot is from 0.01 to a maximum of 50 per payline. The players can use the The Phone Casino Login Free Bonus to play this game for free.

Looking extremely good with bright colour schemes, easy game play and user interface, Candy Swap make it worthwhile for the player's to use their Mobile Casino Free Bonus. The Return to Player percentage of 96.34% further adds to the charm and popularity of this online slot game.

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