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Sovaĝaj Run estas reta fendo ludo evoluigita fare NextGen. Tio aldonas al la kreskanta nombro de telefono fendoj ludoj kiuj estas nuntempe en sia stalo. Tiu fendo ludo bazas en besto temo kaj alparolu ambaŭ la wildlife entuziasmuloj kaj hazardludantoj. Lernu pli pri ĉi tiu fendo de ĝia revizio sube.

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An Online phone slots games to get you on a Wild Run

With this phone slots games, vi havas 5 bobenoj kaj 243 manierojn por gajni. You can start by placing bets as low as 30p, up to as high as £750 for each spin. The graphics, animation and soundtrack are all adopted from an African safari theme.

The background is set at dusk, where the setting Sun, the silhouette of the animals and the plant life can be seen. Just like other phone slots games, there is an objective to Wild Run. The goal of this slot is for players to gain an ‘African savannah-style’ jackpot win.

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Animals Earn You Coins In This Phone Slots Game

The reels of this phone slots games consist of some card suit icons that include a diamond, fosilon, club and heart symbols. There are also a wide number of animal symbols included on the reels as well. If you land a minimum of three matching buffalo and leopard symbols, you will gain as much as 50 moneroj.

Matching three, four and five elephant icons will earn you 2, 10 kaj 100 moneroj respektive. The rhino symbol earns you 80 moneroj. The lion icon represents the Wild symbol. This symbol will replace all the other icons on the reels. If you can match up three, four and five of these symbols with a winning combination, you will then receive 8, 80 kaj 800 moneroj respektive.

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The “On A Roll Feature” is a re-spin round that is awarded once you achieve a win. In this phone slots game, you get a re-spin, and lion wild icons will be included on reels 1 kaj ankaŭ 5. When you gain a winning combination of the wild being a part of it, you will receive a 2x payout and another re-spin. This time around the wild will be included on the reels 1, 2, 4 kaj ankaŭ 5.

Your payouts can be multiplied by 3x if you win a combo with the wilds on the second re-spin. The second re-spin can also activate a Free Games Feature if you land a winning combo. This bonus feature is a Free Spins round, where the wilds are included on the five reels. If you land a winning combo with the wilds being a part of it, then you receive a 5x payout.

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This phone slots game is a pleasant and highly addictive slot. The exciting and entertaining graphics, animation and soundtrack will keep you playing for long periods. You also have the chance to win a considerable payout with the bonus features on offer.

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