Baccarat (Realistic)


Almost all the major casinos in the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and most other other countries in the world feature Baccarat or Punto Banco. It easily is one of the most popular casino card games of all time. The game is pretty simple to understand. There are two parties or hands involved in a game of Baccarat The player’s hand and the Banker or the dealer’s hand. To win one simply has to predict the hand that is gonna win.

Online Baccarat

In most casinos the casino dealers themselves play the role of a dealer in the game while some casinos allow one of the players to don the hat.

Baccarat Online.


Online Baccarat is same as the one played live. The only difference is that everything becomes virtual. The dealer too is replaced by an automated virtual one. You just need to choose your bet and the winning hand. Sometimes the dealers and the players communicate through in built virtual chat or through live video transmission.

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How is it played?


Punto Banco or Baccarat is dealt from a shoe containing 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards shuffled together. The dealer or the player acting as one first calls the bets on both the hands. Generally people tend to choose the Banker as it has statistical advantage over the player’s hand. It basically means that the Banker’s hand wins more times than the player’s. Once the bets are made the cards are drawn. The dealer first shows the banker’s cards to the player that bet on the player’s hand. Once the player has seen it the cards are overturned and the winner is declared.

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There is an in built advantage to the casinos on the banker’s hand though. 5% of every win won betting on the banker’s hand goes towards the casino as commission.

Punto Banco

But there is one thing to remember. The player acting as the dealer is like any other player playing against the casino. He or She is not responsible or liable to the wins made betting against the dealer. It is the casino that has to pay the winning bets.

That is all there is to Baccarat. It is one of the most exciting, intriguing and thrilling card games around. And yet it is so simple, there in lies it’s beauty. So, if you ever find an opportunity to play Baccarat in any form be it live or online, do not miss it! It is not everyday that you get to play such entertaining and interesting games online! Bringing the casino to you, on your very own devices! Now that is a revolution we all love!

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