Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

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Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

Get ready for some Slots monkey business!

Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

Gorilla Go Wild Scratch is a online slot game which is popular in casinos. It is also available for handheld devices and can also be played online from your PC's. The game has a very low house edge and is very rewarding to the player as he advances.

Enjoy Best Bonuses

Theme of Gorilla Go Wild Scratch Game

Gorilla Go Wild Scratch is set in a jungle and has in game music and sound effects that goes along with it. The game revolves around a gorilla named Gary, he is also the wildcard character of the game and the other characters in the game reels include a lemur, toucan, monkey, gold coin with a monkey's head minted to it and also letters and numbers representing cards of a deck(A, K, Q, J, 10, 9).The scatter bonus is obtained if the player gets the scatter symbol in more than three reels, The scatter in Gorilla Go Wild Scratch is an icon of a temple.

Easy and Secure

Wild features and gameplay

Gorilla Go Wild Scratch is very user friendly, thus making it easy to understand and play. The game has 5 reels and has 25 different pay lines. There is an in game “info “button which has the rules and bonuses listed in it. The game provides a spin button to start the game.

Play from Mobile

There are arrows that help the player increase and decrease the bet value. The amount the player has with him is indicated on the top right of the screen and the total bet is shown to the top left of the game screen. The game has a gamble option which allows the player to multiply his winnings from the slot.

The more number of times the player plays the game his chances of winning increases and as the game has a very high “return to player” percentage and the player can earn a lot more than his stakes. As the player plays more and more Gary the gorilla eats a banana from the ones hanging overhead.

More Offers

When no more bananas remain he advances to another area in the jungle awarding the player with bonus time. Another Casino Mobile Online which is unlocked is Gary the gorilla's feature kingdom as the player buys spins or as he lands three or more scatter symbols in the game. The bonuses are Stay Wild Feature, Mega-Rilla Multiplier Feature, Gorillionaire Win Spins Feature and More Wilds Feature.


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