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Ariana slot

We all have grown up watching fiction movies and shows that try to show what underwater life is all about, and a part of us wishes to explore it too! Ariana gives you a chance to dive deep into the ocean and explore the underwater life, through the eyes of a mermaid. See how beautiful the life is, and on that journey hunt for treasures too! Because this slot is all about winning big, only on Coin Falls Casino!

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Explore the sea with Ariana!

Ariana has each and every element of the sea life in it. From the beautiful flora to sea creatures that swim around flawlessly! The view is simply mesmerizing, and that will make you fall in love with this online slot.

Viegla un droša

The graphics are so gracefully presented that you will not be able to take your eyes of it, rather you will feel a part of it. It is a 5 spoles, 3 rindas un 25 paylines slot with a coin value range of £0.25 to £125 per spin. It is a very suitable slot for all types of players, beginners or regulars, high budget or low budget players. Anyone who has a slightest inclination towards the underwater life will enjoy this slot machine.

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While some may feel that this slot lacks bonus features, for some the one bonus feature will be immensely satisfying. On an average, slots give about 8 līdz 10 bezmaksas spins, but Ariana is different. In one go, anyone can get 15 bezmaksas spins, with the scope of triggering more free spins again. When you get the Starfish symbols on the reels, you will know what has been in store for you.

Vairāk piedāvājumi

Three or more of these symbols and you instantly get 15 bezmaksas spins. The bonus games have additional bonuses within them too! bezmaksas spins laikā, not only can you get additional free spins, but also can come across stacked wilds or expanding wilds. Both of these features either cover a reel with wilds or a wild spreads out in the entire reel. Whatever the case is, the result is only one – big wins!


If you are fond of the ocean and love to explore the wilderness of it, then this slot is the perfect pick for you. Even in the absence of many bonus features, this slot is still a heart stealer. The free spins will surely keep you glued for long. Play now to experience the beauty!

Ariana slots game