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Which Online Slots UK Are The Most Lucrative To Play?

While one of the reasons why people are drawn to gambling is due to the fun-factor, most of us are ‘ in it to win it’. Meaning we want to bag ourselves real money wins and juicy prizes. However, when it comes to figuring out which online slots UK are the most lucrative to play, it pays to check out the lobby and see what bonuses appeal to you.


There are certain factors such as RTP ( Return to Player), the number of betways/paylines there are, as well as the game’s variance (i.e. amount of risk). All these will have an impact on how lucrative that game is. You can easily figure this out by playing free slots UK and table games for fun in demo mode. These games have zero risk, and an ideal way to see if the potential payouts are worth the time/monetary investments.

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Does It Matter Whether It’s Slots Or Table Games You Play For Real Money Wins?

For some players, playing the best UK online low variance slots games is more lucrative because the wins are more consistent ( albeit smaller). However, for the bigger thrill-seekers, high variance table games and/or slots UK is the better choice as the risk is greater – as are the rewards!

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Certainly, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack games that are easier to win as they involve a bit of strategy will have better payouts than slots games which rely on pure luck. For example, the RTP on table games such as Microgaming’s European Roulette and Classic Blackjack games are 98% and 99.91% respectively.

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Compared to the lower RTP on slots games- which are 96% on average- table games do seem more lucrative. However, the minimum bet amount on table games is higher than with slots, so that also tends to even out the odds.

What Do All The Top UK Slots Sites Have In Common?

Other than getting free signup bonuses and great deposit match promotions, all of the top UK slots sites have key qualities in common: A comprehensive selection of games, seamless mobile compatibility, excellent customer services, and verified payouts on real money wins.

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Coinfalls Casino has all of these qualities in spades ( definite pun intended!), and our online bonus slots UK offerings have put us ahead of the game. More importantly, we strive to meet all of our player expectations and therefore provide numerous ways for you to feel that your time spent with us was lucrative.

How To Win At Online Blackjack

Even if playing the best free spins and deposit welcome top slots UK attractions aren’t quite your thing, you’ll find classic casino table games such as Blackjack and Roulette to scratch your online gambling itch.

Do The Best Online Slots UK Games Trump Table Games?

Based on factors such as variance and RTP which have been discussed above, when it comes to the world of online gambling, most games have actually been created equal. For some players, the fun factor with playing the best online slots UK games for fun in demo mode is enough. For others, it’s the thrill of putting their money on the line and seeing how the chips fall. These players tend to be quite conservative in terms of the games they choose as well as the amounts that are wagered.

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Then there are the high rolling VIP players who get a major adrenaline rush from placing big bets on high-risk games. The wins here can be sensational, but so too are the losses. Players who gamble responsibly, however, never wager more than they’re comfortable losing, so even those who lose did so with a level of awareness.

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But variance, returns on investment, betting strategies, and paylines are somewhat meaningless when there are Progressive Jackpot Slots in the mix. Coinfalls is considered to be one of the best online slots UK because of our progressive jackpots. Where else can players win over £25,000 from a 50p slots spin?

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An ‘ Online Slots UK’ Review for CoinFalls Online Casino