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A Pentagram is a 5 pointed star drawn with 5 straight strokes in a circle. It basically represents a meaningful unit of a language and is called as a logogram. It is based on one of the most earliest writing systems where almost all the written works were carried out in Clay tablets in a crude script called cuneiform script. The Pentagram was later adopted by the christians to symbolize the 5 senses. It also appears in a couple of national flags.

Great Game Playing Experience

Influenced by this ancient symbol Realistic Games have a created a classic 3 reel and 5 payline slot game.

Old School Type Game Play

Music and Graphics

Pentagram slot has a unique feature when it comes to graphics. That is it is portrayed as being a slot machine in a casino. This just adds to the sense of nostalgia that players already feel thanks to the game play of the slot. It also has this cool button called real 2 reel which if you press will virtually take you inside the game. This will actually show you the slot machine and the other slots surrounding it. Amazing isn't it? And quite unexpected too. The music too does its bit to add to the overall flavour of the game.

Ancient Symbol Realistic Games

Game play

The game has 3 reels and 5 paylines just like the classic slot games of the old times. To bet you need to press the down or up arrows in the Bet Field to toggle the different amounts of bets available and choose one. The different betting options are 0.25,0.50,0.75,1,2,3,5,10,20 and 50.
You may also decide to give your limbs a rest by choosing the auto play button to play 10,25,50,100 or 500 bets automatically.

The game also a has a free spins bonus round and an special Pentagram feature. Landing the words PENTA or GRAM will let you win a special bonus.

Special Pentagram Feature

Final Verdict

This is a slot game made especially for those people who still love the classic 3 reel slot games. Playing this game gives you a sense of Nostalgia and takes you back to the old times when slots were only available in land based casinos. But that doesn't mean others cannot enjoy this game as well. Pentagram has everything to make everyone who loves slots to love this game too. It has a quite an interesting old school type game play. Some great graphics, sort of which you would never find in a classic slot and more than decent payouts as well. So, well what's stopping you? Just get online and start playing this slot right now.

Pentagram SLot

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