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Cash Buster

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It is the Best Mobile Slots SMS Bill designed and developed by IWG. It is a lottery โ€“ themed game that has the ability to provide you with instant cash prizes. Consisting of dice and coloured blocks, this Best Mobile Slots SMS Bill is a treat both in terms of graphics and the gameplay.

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Instant Win Gaming, popularly known as IWG is the industry leader when it comes to designing and developing games with instant prizes. Their games are simple yet different. They have a decade's experience in providing such kinds of online to the lotteries. These are loved by the lottery players across the world.


About the game

Best Mobile Phone Casino Games & Mobile Slots SMS Bill is a good break from the regular slot games. The return to player percentage is 85.30. It is not as good as the slots but is pretty decent when it comes to the lottery games. Here you have to set the dice rolling in order to accumulate prizes. You get eight chances to do so. These prizes are hidden behind the coloured blocks in the grid on the right of the screen.

The dice is set rolling which results in showing up a coloured face in front of you on the screen. Each roll will bring up a colour and the blocks matching that colour are destroyed. Any adjacent blocks of the same colour are also destroyed. Each of these destroyed blocks reveal a hidden prize. Your aim is to destroy such a block that has an instant prize associated with it. If you are able to do so, you are awarded with an instant win. Also, if you fill up an entire row with prizes, you get a prize. ย Moreover, you may end up destroying a block that awards you an extra dice roll.

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This Best Slots SMS Bill is a must play for players who crave to play a mindless yet entertaining game. Simple to understand, great to look at, rewards instant prizes are three features that make it stand out from the rest of the games of the same genre. You must play it at least once to know what a wonderful game it is.

CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino Online
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