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This is a popular blackjack game by Felt gaming. It is a standard blackjack side bet rule game that uses 6 decks of 52 cards, jokers excluded. You have to play your bet against the dealer. The very convenient interface will not confuse you and you will be able to enjoy your blackjack game.

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Felt gaming has developed this game. They are a fairly new casino game developer in the business as they started out just in 2013.But even after being new, they have proved that they are no less than the big game developers. They specialise in table games and deliver high-quality graphics.

About the game

Played with 6 decks of 52 cards this is a standard blackjack game with a twist of blackjack side bet rule. The amount of the basic bet can vary from .10 to 500 credits. You can place the bet by clicking on the coins and then on the circles where the coins have to be placed.
The gameplay is pretty simple, the dealer will deal you two cards and will deal himself two cards. Both your cards will be face up and the dealer's one card will be face up and the other will be face down.

If the face-up card of the dealer is an ace or a 10 he will check for blackjack. You will be given an option to chose whether you want to insurance your bet. The advantage of this is that if there is a blackjack, you will only have to pay 2:1 of the bet which otherwise would have been 3:1.
If there is not a blackjack you need to make a combination more than the dealer. If you do you win 1:1 of the bet. If you get a blackjack then you win 3:1. If both your cards show equal value then it's a tie and your money comes back to you.


The payout can reach up to 99.63%.
The blackjack side bet rule is a little different. You can play at 3 boxed maximum. So you can put a side bet at one of the boxes you are not actively using to place the main bet. The bet can vary from 10 to 250 credits.
Now the first cards that were felt to you are considered in making the following combinations-
Same colour pair- 12:1
Pair of different suits- 6:1
Perfect pairs- 25:1
You can win this bet even if you lose the basic bet. It should be noted here that the side bet can not be placed without placing the main bet. But it is not necessary to place the side bet every time with the main bet.

The minimum bet can be ยฃ.50 and the maximum can be ยฃ 1250.

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With easy to understand user interface and the interesting blackjack side bet rule this blackjack game is a treat to all the blackjack game lovers. You will get a chance to make big profits only if you play with a little wisdom and patience. The great payouts are an addition to all the qualities of this game and the soothing colour scheme will not hurt your eyes even after you play for a long time

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