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Coin Master Cheats: Are They Worth The Fuss?

The way we see things: If online hacks for unlimited free spins and coins for Coin Master cheats are in such demand, then something is a bit off. Granted, the worldwide popularity and social interactivity of the game is such that the motivation to play for free is really strong. But at the same time, it also means that the volatility of the game is so high that players aren't winning enough free spins as part of the regular course of playโ€ฆAnd that's not a good sign.

To be fair though, Coin Master Cheats are probably in demand because there are only 5 free spins awarded every hour. In addition players can only bank a maximum of 50 spins at any given time. This is generally enough for the casual player. But for those looking to play for extended periods of time, buying more spins ( or finding Coin Master Cheats for free ones) is your only option.

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Coin Master Free Spins & Real Money Wins

Although Coin Master is essentially a virtual slot machine, and players can deposit to wager real money, it's not quite the same as an online casino. The main difference being that with Coin Master, you can't withdraw your winnings. In the first 9 years since it was released, Coin Master has cleared over $500 million in revenue โ€“ without paying out players a single penny. Since February 2019, it's been the top-grossing game in the UK, and has had over 81 million downloads worldwide.

What's interesting is that Coin Master is described as a โ€˜casual game' in the โ€˜adventure' category and not a gambling oneโ€ฆSo it doesn't have to pay out any wins in the form of cash prizes. So what do players win then?

  • The objective of the game is to win coins in order to build up villages
  • In order to build up their own village ( or attack other players'), players have to spin to win coins
  • Players are limited to 7 attempts ( at raiding/attacking) per hour. If they want more, these need to be purchased
  • Players can buy and/or win items such as shields and pets in order to defend their villages
  • Players advance to the next village once theirs has been built. There are over 266 levels in the game, and each gets more challenging to clear as the game progresses
  • The most popular feature is the Card Collection: By collecting and trading card sets, players can buy rewards such as more spins and pets to help players collect more coins

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This makes it clear that players who are into this game, aren't doing it in the hopes of cashing out mega money wins. Indeed, anything that they do win (even as a result of spins they bought) gets funneled back into the game.

Top Free Spin & Coin Hacks

This explains why players โ€“ and hackers โ€“ are so motivated by getting spins and coins for free: Why spend to risk your own money when there's no possibility of cashing anything out in return?

Some of the best โ€“ and most reliable โ€“ ways to get free Coin Master Cheats for free spins include:

  • Wait until you get the standard/automatic 5 free spins that are awarded every hour
  • Unlock the ability to multiply spins by up to 3 x as you progress through the game
  • Watch in-game advertisements to get more free spins
  • Invite friends via Facebook for free spins
  • Keep an eye out for the metagames which are generally playing throughout the inbuilt gaming events. For example, you might see balloons floating up whilst you're playing. Tap them and receive free spins
  • Collect pets and watch out for when they start digging for treasure. Fingers crossed and they might just get you more free coins and spins

Failing that, you can always do a basic online search to see what the latest Coin Master Hacks for unlimited free spins are. We haven't tested these out however, so we can't speak to their efficacy or legality.

How Do Coin Falls Free Spins Measure Up?

Clearly, the biggest difference between the Coin Falls Mobile Casino App and Coin Master, is that Coinfalls was designed for players wanting to spend as well as win real money online. While the games here aren't as interactive ( players aren't building, attacking friends' villages, or having their coins stolen by their rivals), players get to keep what they win โ€“ and cash them out.

free spins jackpot winsCertainly, the unrivaled success of Coin Master has given us a good idea regarding where/how to develop our portfolio. Since it's the interactivity of the game, as well as its novelty ( world- building mixed with gambling) that made it so popular, it really speaks to what it is that players are afterโ€ฆEspecially when there are no cash prizes to be had.

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The good news is that updated games along that vein are soon to be released. Our games and online casino solutions network operator, Nektan, has partnered with RockSalt Ltd. The latter is an innovative Indian games developer with a sterling reputation for interactive gaming.

And then online gaming fans will be even more pleased with all the options available! Watch this space for games that will provide you with the full spectrum of rewards: Free to download; deposit extra coins and free spins; unique and interactive gaming narratives; and cash prize withdrawals.

As ever, we remind you to to gamble responsibly. Play within limits you're comfortable with, and learn a few tricks from Coin Master cheats: Keep an eye out for the free spins offers that will allow you to take your gameplay further without risking any of your own money!

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