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what is a live casino

For many players out there, live casinos are the ultimate way to play at a casino and the fact that 50% of online players already use this medium to do their gaming is only a testament to how right they are. To be honest we’d have to fully agree with them on this account and part of the reason we’re writing this is because we’re pretty avid live casino players and want others to experience the same thrills and enjoyments that we have!

What is a live online casino site

If you’ve never played at an online casino before you don’t have to worry about getting started as it’s all pretty simple including playing the games themself. If you’ve played at an online or mobile casino already before then you’ll be more than well equipped to start playing the games without reading anything else we have to say – it really is that simple!

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One of the biggest benefits to playing at a live casino is the freedom it gives you as far as choosing where and when to play goes. You can access live casinos through either your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC and the only requirement is that you have an internet connection. We’re sure you can use your own imagination as to why this is so handy but some of the obvious benefits include no longer having to trek back and forth to the casino every time you want to play, being able to turn 10 minute downtimes at work or in the queue somewhere into action packed ones instead, and even just being able to play in the most comfortable way possible – tucked up in bed! The choice is all yours now which is not something a land based casino can tell you.

While everything we’re saying here is also true of regular online casino, the one thing online casinos don’t have that live casinos do are rich and vibrant atmospheres that see you face to face with a dealer, where you can chat along and have some added fun while you play, and where you can actually see someone play out a game before your very eyes and hear all the sounds you love about a casino!

 How this all works is through livestreaming which has really advanced quite a lot over the last couple of years which in turn has drawn more and more players into the games creating an avalanche effect in popularity. A livestream is basically just a live video recording that you’ll see of a particular dealer and table in a live casino and if they do or say anything in the casino you’ll see it right before your very eyes. Not only that but if you ever want to send them a message as you play they’ll be able to read it straight off and give you a reply near instantly!


There are probably hundreds of online and mobile casinos that offer up live casino games on their site now and we can say for sure that every top online casino you’ve heard of before will have one. When you’ve picked the site you like the look of the most you’ll see on either the homepage or the games section of the site a tab that says “live casino” or “live” and this is where you’ll want to go.

When you click the “live casino” button you’ll be taken to the live casino’s main lobby where you’ll be met with all the games and tables you can play at. The first thing that will blow you away here is the choice you get as it’s typically far superior to any selection you’d get at any land based casino not in Vegas.

Because of this they will often be split into separate categories so you can find the game you’re looking for a bit easier. Typically the first question you’ll be asked is what game you want to play. Then you’ll be given all the variations of that game they have in their casino. After this you’ll be shown the different stakes these games are offered at, and finally you’ll be asked to pick one of the dealers who match all your criteria. Which dealer you pick doesn’t really matter as they all play out the games to a high standard but live casinos can afford to give players the choice of a few dealers which comes with the added bonus of lowering the player to dealer ratio making the games more personal.

Once you’ve selected your dealer the livestream of that table will begin to play and you’ll notice your account balance will appear at the bottom of the screen along with a stack of chips that represent them. To make a bet in this game is as simple as clicking on the chip you want to bet with and then clicking once again on the betting mat to place it. There will also be a time limit that appears on the screen letting you know when betting for that round ends just to help you make sure you get all your bets in on time.

There are some pretty useful features at live casino tables to make the betting a little quicker and easier for you with the main one being a repeat bet button. This as you probably guessed just places the chips out like you did on the last bet so you’re not faffing around and can have a little chat with the dealer instead. When the hand is over if you struck it rich then your winnings will immediately be placed into your account and ready to bet with before the next betting round begins.

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This is all you need to know if you want to start playing at a live casino today. The user interface at a live casino is incredible intuitive to use which makes it a good starting location for new players. Some of the biggest advantages to playing at a live casino include the freedom to choose when you play, the increased choice in games you have, as well as all the juicy bonuses that the online casino world has to offer!