Dragon Born

барномаи фаръии

A large number of fantasy-themed online mobile slots have been developed till date, but all of them look small in front of Dragon Born (Бозикунии Time Big) ковокии онлайн. This game features impressive visuals of hills in the background and a story of a dragon and his mistress. The dragon is furious and coming to destroy the life of the king, the queen and the knights. You will have to save them and the game will reward you many cash prizes for saving the inhabitants. The story is undoubtedly amazing, but what’s more amazing is the 117,649 paylines ва 50 spins озод.


Дар бораи таҳиякунанда:

Big Time Gaming has established a new era of online gambling by developing Dragon Born (Бозикунии Time Big). This company is known for breaking stereotypes of developing games and creating something new and different from all the versions of the games available in the market.


Дар бораи бозӣ:

All the speculations about Dragon Born (Бозикунии Time Big) are going to be wrong because it is way beyond your imagination. The gold rimmed slot machine features 6 мебарорад, бо 7 rows and amazing 117,649 paylines. The slot reels are set against a hilly-green location, where the king, queen and knights live. The main symbols are relevant to the theme, which are blue gem, red gem, the dragon, a green standard, the king, маликаи, a purple dressed woman, a yellow shield, green knight and a blue cup. Jester plays as the wild symbol and a big diamond is the scatter symbol in this online slot.


Dragon born (Бозикунии Time Big) online slot offers an amazing opportunity to win 50 free spins by landing 6 scatters anywhere on the reels. You can also win 25, 12 ва 6 free spins by landing 5, 4 ва 3 вай пароканда мекунад, мутаносибан. The enjoyment doesn’t stop here because the Megaways bonus feature brings all 117,649 paylines into action. замин 7 symbols in each spin and it will get multiplied by 117,640. You can also win real cash by landing similar symbols at neighboring reels. ҳамин тавр, you win a lot and lose minimum stakes when you play this slot.



Dragon Born (Бозикунии Time Big) online slot has 95% RTP rate, which works as icing on the cake. You win most of applied stakes and increase your bank balance without losing too much amount. It is a must play for all the slot lovers out there!

барномаи фаръии