Terms And ConditionTuesday Match – 50% match up to £50

Terms And Condition

  • 'Oku toki 'ata ki he fakamatala tonu 'a e kau ma'u motu'a pe tu'uaki ko 'eni 18 pe 'oku 'i ai ha me'a lahi ange.
  • This bonus will be active between 2nd – 8th February 2017 GMT.
  • GMT is the equivalent of ACST -9.30hrs, CET -1hr, PTZ + 8houa 'e
  • Pe tupu mo e mole (P&L.) on selected slot games, Superman, The Batman, Justice League and The Green Lantern between 00:00 & 23:59 (GMT) on the day of the promotion will count towards qualification for the Boost.
  • The Boost will be awarded according to net profit (real money winnings) on selected slots. In the event that your net P&L has accrued a minimum of £10 in winnings, you will receive a boost calculated at 50% of your gross P&L..
  • In order to be eligible for the Win Boost, players must have made a minimum deposit of £10 on the day of the promotion and wagered on Superman, The Batman, Justice League and The Green Lantern.
  • Maximum total win boost amount is £50 in bonus funds.
  • Standard bonus wagering requirements of 30x the bonus amount apply before bonuses or any capped winnings can be withdrawn.
  • The maximum conversion amount from bonus funds will be capped at 4X the bonus amount awarded. 'Oku kakato 'a e ponasi papi ului 'o e pa'anga 'oku 'otometiki pe hono tu'o taha wagering.
  • Bonus funds earned from this

promotion, can only be used to play on our slot games.

  • Wagers on Blackjack and Roulette do not contribute to the reduction of the wagering requirement of bonus balances.
  • 'E fakata'e'aonga'i 'e he toho pa'anga ki mu'a pea 'oku kakato 'a e wagering 'a e bonuses kotoa pe pea mo ha winnings 'o e attributable ki he fakamatala ni.
  • Bonuses can take up to 3 'a e ngaahi 'aho ngaue mei he ngata'anga 'o e tu'uaki 'o e lau ki ho'o 'akauni.
  • 'I he taimi 'oku fakamalo ki ho'o ponasi 'oku kei 'aonga 'i he 28 'aho. 'Oku totonu ke 'ikai fakakakato e ngaahi fie ma'u wagering 'i he vaha'a taimi ko 'eni, toenga 'o e pa'anga 'a e ponasi te ke to'o mei ho'o 'akauni.
  • 'Oku fakamanatu mai 'e he kau va'inga he ponasi pe 'e taha 'e lava ke ngaue malohi 'i ha fa'ahinga taimi pe 'e taha, Kataki 'o 'alu ki he “my account” konga ke sio ki ho'o queue ponasi kotoa
  • 'A e totonu ke kaniseli 'a e tokanga'i 'o e, fakangata pe liliu ha fa'ahinga fe'auhi pe e tu'uaki 'o e (pe ko e ngaahi lao ia) 'i ha fa'ahinga taimi pe pea mo ta'e 'i ai ha fanongonongo kimu'a.