Terms and Conditions of Tournament- Win a Smartphone


Api feia hauti noa. 40x Wagering i te mau titauraa, e tano te faafariuraa Max x4. £10 minuti. moni. Slot te mau hauti noa. T&A FAAOHIPA i te PF.$anae te numera tamoni ore no te €£ 5 te playable i nia i te tere haapurara Shamrock, Maya maere e te monamona Swap Slots, a tapao e e farii i to outou numera afaifai i te farii i te reira.


Mau parau e te mau titauraa:

  • Noa teie nuuraa i mua e no te feia tei mau i te aamu mana te reira aged 18 e aore ra e hau atu.
  • This promotion will run from 00:01 1st December 2016 until 23:59 7raa no titema 2016 (GMT).
  • GMT is the equivalent of ACST -9.30hrs, CET -1hr, PTZ + 8hora
  • In order to participate in thetournamentplayers must deposit and wager a minimum of £10 during the promotional period.
  • Te “winnersof the tournament will be the top 3 players that have the highest total wagering amount over the promotional period across all slot games.
  • **Across the network, 3 top qualifying players will receive a Smartphone (up to £800 this includes the delivery charge)
  • Please note goods that have been stated at the time of the promotion, may be unavailable and therefore, management have the right to replace with equivalent goods at the nearest prices as stated totalling the value of £800.
  • Players that have been notified by Email or Telephone, will have 7 days to responded to the casino if they wish to accept the Smartphone or Cash equivalent.
  • Should the 3 winners choose a cash equivalent of 70% of the value of the gift (£560 cash) this will be credited into the players account within 7 working days from notifying the player. This will not incur a wagering requirement.
  • This tournament is live across the Nektan network on multiple casinos.
  • The Prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • 1raa i te – 3rd place Smartphone**
  • 4raa – 13th place will receive a £50 Bonus
  • Standard wagering requirements of 30x the bonus amount apply before the bonus or any corresponding winnings can be withdrawn.
  • Numera moni i roaa mai roto mai i teie nuuraa i mua, can only be used to play on our slot games.
  • E ma te iritiraa i te moni na mua i te wagering o te bonuses mau e te mau winnings no te attributable i te aamu o te mau.
  • The maximum conversion amount from bonus funds will be capped at 4X the bonus amount awarded. E faaoti te numera moni faafariu noa i te hoe taime i te wagering.
  • E horoa noa wagers i nia i te mau hauti o te mau moni ki na i te titauraa i te wagering. Wagers i nia i te mau hauti i te hauti i te For tiama e taio ki na i te titauraa i te wagering.
  • I te hoe taime e parau i to outou numera, e vai noa ia no te 28 Mahana. Ia outou aita a faai i te mau titauraa i wagering i roto i teie tau, e mea piri moni, e iritihia mai roto mai i to outou aamu.
  • E faahaamanao mai te feia hauti e piri noa i te hoe e nehenehe e ia itoito i te mau taime i te hoe. Please go tomy account historysection to review your entire pending bonus queue.
  • Cash and bonus prizes can take up to 7 working days to be credited to your account. The Smartphone, dependant on the availability can take up to 28days to deliver.
  • Winners will be contacted directly by the casino.
  • Faatereraa i te faataa i te maitai no te faaore i te, tatara e aore ra, no te taui i te hoe tatauraa e aore ra, i te hoe nuuraa i mua (e aore ra, te mau ture) i te mau taime atoa, e ma te ore e notification matamua.
  • Rahi Mau parau e te mau titauraa faaohipa i te. Te faaotiraa a te faatereraa o te hopea i roto i te mau taime atoa.