Mythic شادی سے پہلے


نئے کھلاڑیوں کو صرف. 30X wagering کے تقاضوں, زیادہ سے زیادہ تبادلوں X4 لاگو ہوتا ہے. £ 10 منٹ پر. ڈپازٹ. سلاٹ کھیل صرف. T&C's APPLY.$€ £ 5 مفت بونس Shamrock کی N رول پر صرف چلایا جا سکتا ہے, میں Mayan عجائبات اور کینڈی سویپ سلاٹس, رجسٹر اور اسے حاصل کرنے کے لئے آپ کا موبائل نمبر کی توثیق کے لئے براہ مہربانی.


Mythic Maiden

Mythic Maiden is probably the best creation in the world of slots. A slot machine that will take your breath away, not only because it is mesmerizing, but because your heart might skip a beat. A game that will give you goose bumps. Be a part of this thriller on Coinfalls Casino and enjoy the spooky graphics and sound that create a perfect ambience for the theme.

HD Slot Games

This thriller is a 5 ریلیں اور 30 paylines game. The symbols are matched with the theme perfectly and some of them are a monster’s head, a skull, spider, and a chest. There are the usual symbols of the cards deck as well, and are very well represented with wax dripping candles.

شرط: Select the number of paylines, the level of bet and the coin value. Then hit the spin button to see the reels spinning. The maximum a player can win is 10,000 کریڈٹس. This is quite a good amount for a 30 paylines سلاٹ کھیل.

Big Win

>Wild and Scatter: A moon that changes into a skull, this is the wild symbol in Mythic Maiden. It substitutes all symbols except the scatter. Presence of the wild in a payline wins means 3 times of the bet to be won!

A magical totem is the scatter symbol here. It has blue and red flames, and do signify something important. 3 or more of these trigger the bonus game, and there are free spins as well. ہر ہٹ کے لئے 3, 4, اور 5 بکھیر علامتوں, تم سمجھے 10, 20 اور 30 مفت گھماؤ.

Grab the Treasure

بونس راؤنڈ: As the bonus round, which is part of the free spins, the player can win more free spins and up to 10x multiplier. After every free spin, an iron maiden is awarded, which reveals a multiplier value and number of free spins won.

Unlimited Fun

Defeat all your fears of darkness with Mythic Maiden and grab all the treasure you can. The game is easy to play, but one should have the guts to survive the scary world of the dead! Collect all the courage and spin it on your smartphones, tablets or PCs, only on Coinfalls Casino.

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