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Zeus is popular slot game that is entirely based on mythological Gods. The theme is very quirky and exciting to play, also it comes with some superb bonuses that are just too good to be true. What is thrilling this game is that they have launched two more similar games. Because of its popularity, people are going gaga over it. If you like some history-based games with magnificent graphics then this New Best Phone Slots No Deposit Bonus Welcome is the right stop for you.


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About the developer of Zeus Slots

Zeus is developed by the multinational company WMS that has been making some wonderful  . Looking at the popularity of this New Slots with Deposit Welcome game, WMS has already started adding some new features with the launch of subsequent versions. The company has broken all records these past few years with the gaining momentum of customers. With the expertise instilled in this New Best Free Casino game, they have succeeded time and again.

About the game

Zeus consists of 30 paylines and 5 reel system with the facility of winning many combinations throughout the game. They have an electrifying theme that is easy to understand with a feature called re-spinning where you can re-spin keeping your old winnings on hold and get to experience the New Slots with Deposit Welcome.

The mythological theme features the God himself and some other characters like Pegasus and Harp. They also have coins in silver and gold. The slot machine has 3 important symbols the scatter, the lightning and the God himself.


The lightning symbol if triggered can get you many bonuses and winning combinations but the scatter and the lightening combination will not work. The highest winning symbol is the God himself but it only works when playing in a group.

You can win some real cash of $2,500 when you wager a fair amount of $150. The machine also offers coins that you can use one at a time with minimum line bet at 0.30 dollars and maximum at $5. They also have a time-saving option of autoplay where you can click autoplay and set your preferences.


CoinFalls Casino Playnow

WMS has enjoyed some huge popularity with the feature of free games and has garnered much attention. The setting of the game is itself a very nice Best Slots Sites Online and perfect graphics that are very much appreciated. No wonder this New Slots with Deposit Welcome game is so popular among its customers.

CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino Online
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