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Get ready to go on an adventure with Treasure 7×7. This is one of the best Bonus Slots Online having an amazing pirate theme. It is set on a seashore with a clear blue sea and white sandy beach. This has been designed and developed by IWG who is famous for creating some of the best Slots Online in the industry.  You can even win up to £200,000 bonus prize by the end of your round. It was launched in 2016 and has gained a huge player base ever since. It has everything from clear and crisp visuals to top rated sound effects to 16 different ways to win. So pack your bag and board that pirates ship to begin your adventure on one of the best Bonus Slots Online.

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This slot game has a very easy interface and the graphics have been designed to fit the theme perfectly. On the screen, you will see two tables set against a sea shore. The first table is a 7×7 table with different boxes that have engravings related to the theme like diamonds, pearls, pirate hat, skull, ring, ship flag and even a pirates ship. On the other table, these are some wooden doors with question marks on them. There are 12 doors in total. Each line on the 7×7 box has the winning amount written on it. Options like enable/disable sounds and autoplay are given for the player's convenience. The RTP or the payoff rate of this can reach up to a maximum of 89.90% which is huge in comparison to other Bonus Slots Online.

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Apart from this, the slot  offers some special symbols as well. The Life of Riches logo is one of them and it is called the wild symbol of the slot game. It can multiply any win by 2x and substitutes for all the symbols except the planet scatter. The scatter symbol of the online slot is stacked over the reels.

All Gameplay

The gameplay of this Blood Queen online slot is really easy. There are two tables, one that has the 49 boxes and one has 12. In the starting you will be asked to set your bet by clicking on the + and – option. After this, you have to choose 7 out of the 12 boxes. Each box will reveal a symbol. If the symbol matches on the 7×7 grid, the box will get highlighted and the symbol will be crossed off the list. To make a win, you need to cross off all the symbols on either a horizontal, vertical or a diagonal line. This means that all the 7 symbols on a line should be highlighted. If you do not want to choose the 7 boxes yourself, you can click on the Autoplay option and let the software do it for you.

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Final Word

Breathtaking graphics, exciting sound effects and a captivating gameplay are the things that describe this online slot game appropriately. A huge winning potential is another reason that puts this amongst the best Bonus Slots Online .

CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino Online
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