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Flowers is a slot game from the premier slot game manufacturers, Net Entertainment. It has a angry flowers theme and is filled with double symbols, stacked wilds and free spins. These flowers probably could be the only flowers that pay you instead of you paying for them. And not a small payment either. The game has a jackpot of 37,500£. Enough to buy lots of flowers for a long time right?

Great Game Playing Experience

Theme, Graphics and Music


Bright and vivid colors, funky animation and some great detailing define the graphics of this game. The angry flowers theme of this game really works and catches your eye in an instant. The graphics, it just brings them theme to life. The graphics work on this game is certainly one of the best when compared to other slot games that have come out recently. The sound effects and soundtrack of Flowers is quirky and fun. It helps in enhancing the fun element of the game, and don't we all love it?



Flowers is wonderfully designed and built. The game interface is as smooth as butter and the touch works like a dream. Sometimes it is difficult to cram all the different buttons and options that a slot game has into a small screen but NetEnt have done a great job here. They have somehow made the interface simple and easy to play with. Also there are no lags or any other bugs in this game.



Flowers is a 5 Reel and 30 payline online slot. You can play from 30p a spin upto 75£ a spin. The game is relatively medium variance and the Casino Deals coming in quite regularly. The wins are not really big but at the same time big enough to keep you hooked.

Also the 37,500 £ jackpot is something that's worth playing for especially when there is not really much risk involved.

If you are bored with the main game Flowers has some cool Casino Mobile Online to keep the excitement factor up. There are 3 different features in this game. They are staked wilds, free spins and of course the double paying symbols. So how does this double pay symbol work? When you trigger that feature what happens is one reel becomes the clone of the other. So if you manage to win in one reel,you win the other too thereby doubling your win. Cool right??

Bonus Spins Round

Final verdict


Net Entertainment have made a habit of creating Super hit slots of late. This Flowers slot game could very well be on the path to join the previous hits of NetEnt. So, why are you still waiting? Just get online and start spinning.

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