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Can Sign Up Bonus Offers Be Used To Win Jackpots?


The quick answer to THAT question, is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When you deposit to play at CoinFalls and get a free spins sign up bonus, you can keep a portion of what you win. This is capped at 2x conversion so a far cry from a jackpot payout. However, you can transfer this to your cashable balance and use it to play jackpot slots games, and THIS could result in that big money win.

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It’s for this reason that we always encourage players to gamble responsibly: Make sure you read the bonus wagering requirements with Terms & Conditions before opting to play with free spins or cash-back rewards. You might not always be able to keep all your winnings, and/or use all the free spins before their validity period runs out. Ensure you are aware of these restrictions before you wager with them.

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Lucrative Offers & Welcome Bonus Signup Deals


Another reason why most people prefer online casino games is because of the sign up bonus. Offering welcome bonuses is in part a strategy to remain competitive and attract more players. However, it’s also our way to give players more value for money and a head start to winning a game – which by definition, isn’t generally in their favour.

Coinfalls Casino offers great sign up bonus and are trusted by many. By making a deposit of minimum $10, maximum 50 Big Bonus Slots Huge Wins Rewards. You need to be more careful when it comes to welcome bonus and deposit match bonus offers. You should find out the best bonus that suits you and make the most out of it.

How To Gamble Responsibly & Keep What You Win

As the online casino games deal with money, you need to be very much focused and careful while you play online casino games. Here are tips to be followed to ensure you gamble responsibly and stand a better chance of winning.

Know the rules and sign up bonus restrictions beforehand: For every game, the key to success is understanding the rules and regulations of the game. The same applies to casino games too. The minute details included in the set of rules and guidelines can bring out a major change to the game we play. Before starting to play, go through all the instructions and guidelines to get an idea of the game.

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The pattern and structure of the game, information on bonus and offers, risk of failure etc. can be understood by reading the rules thoroughly. Going through the rules and guidelines is the best way to not make mistakes and end up losing all your money.

Make the most out of sign up bonuses: As a part of the business strategy, most of the online casino sites offer different types of bonuses upon signing up. The bonuses might be in the form of extra spins or cash. When you deposit £10, you might be able to play for another £10. Many games are offering bonuses at a rate of 100%, 200% etc. If you go dig a little bit deeper, you might explore very good and attractive bonuses. Choosing the best bonus that suits your style of play and strategy matters after all.

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Stay focused on the game: Without focus and not paying attention in detail, we cannot achieve anything in life. This is a simple policy that applies wherever we go. Even in games too! Being attentive is the most needed skill to play online casino games. Do not even think about playing casino if you are drunk or in a frustrated state of mind. Decision making skill is inevitable when it comes to this game and you had better not to compromise on that if you need a smooth win. Even if you do not feel like you are giving your 100% to the game, you have the autonomy to take breaks in between the game unlike you can do in the original casino clubs.

Your observation on the sign up bonus matters: If you have got good observation skills, you are good to go! You cannot master the casino games with just one game. You need to play and practice to know the pattern of the game. Getting a hang of the game by proper practice and observation helps you to understand what kind of strategies that could be used to hit the jackpot. Start with a low budget and gradually increase it when you once you get to know the do’s and don’ts of the game. Playing smart is the key to success.

Play on valid sites: With the booming of casino games online, players cannot even recognize which website is real and which one is not. But you may get to know about the fraudulent sites just by doing a simple search on Google. Google gives you the entire list of credible websites and fraudulent ones along with the reviews from users. Playing legitimately is crucial especially when you play this sort of games. Playing on fraudulent websites can result in your ending up losing all your money.

Say no to anxiety: As a lot of money is involved in this game, it is quite natural that you may get freaked out when the game goes against you. But you need to understand that staying anxious and fearful does not change the game. It will make the game much worse. So you need to stay calm when you play. Stressing out never helps you in making wise decisions rather than making the game more favourable to the opponent.

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Casino games are everywhere nowadays. People play at the clubs and online as well. Regardless of wherever you play, there are things that matter if you want to take the winning side. If you follow all the above mentioned tips, it is quite sure that you can win each game you play.

Remember to understand thoroughly the set of guidelines before you play. Staying focused on the game without stressing out over loses never helps the game go in your favour. Stay calm, choose the best site, game and attractive bonus to hit the jackpot. Use mobile phone credit to place real money wagers swiftly and easily from just £10 and remember to have fun!

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