European Roulette

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European Roulette

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If you are looking for straightforward roulette game with simple yet realistic features and graphics, European Roulette is the best one for you. In this Free Roulette Site , you can play with numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero. The numbers are randomly marked on alternate red and black spots on the roulette wheel. The 3D graphics of this game offers a realistic experience with a close-up view of the wheel. So you can clearly see the ball rolling and where it lands. There is a racetrack betting option in this variant too. The betting limits of this game begin with a minimum of £0.20 to a maximum of £100 per position.

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About the developer of European Roulette

This professionally designed Free Roulette Site Bonus game was created by NetEnt. One of the world's largest developers with hundreds of games from various casino categories such as slots, table and live dealer games.

Free Roulette Site Bonus

About the game

In this simple Free Roulette App Best Casino Mobile game, you can place your bets on various numbers including outside bets. The position where you can win the highest reward is single straight with 35 times of your total betting amount. There are four different inside bets more that you can win from. The split consists of two different numbers and pays 17 to one when balls land on any of those two. Similarly, the street has three numbers in a column with pay of 11 to one. Corner consists of four numbers and pays 8 to one. Finally, the line that has six numbers pays 5 to one on your total bet.

The best feature of this slot is that it can be played in online slots deposit welcome mobile and further, bonus features can be triggered if you will land three or more planet scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. If you will succeed in doing this, then you will be given ten posh free spins. Every win made during this round will be multiplied by 2x and if the wild is involved then it will multiply by 4x. If you are lucky enough and are further able to land three more scatters, then it will let you re-trigger the spins. Check out our page for top tips!

  • Outside Betting: There are five different types of outside bets that you can win from. The red-black, high-low, odd-even, column and dozen are the positions. The payouts here are 1 to 1 except for column and dozen with 2 to 1. The probability of these betting is pretty higher than the inside bets and hence keeps you in a winning mode.
  • Game Results: This Free Roulette Site Bonus game shows results of last ten games on the main screen. There is also a history tab that shows you the results of last 100 games. These stats help you play with a more effective strategy for your future games.

Free Roulette Site Bonus
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With mind-blowing 3D graphics and exciting features to help you win easily, this Free Roulette Site Bonus game has the lowest house edge of 2.7%.

CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino Online
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