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Quick Fire Cash

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Get ready to play one of the most amazing Slots Cash Games-Quick Fire Cash. With stunning graphics and a cowboy theme, there is nothing that this game lacks. You get not one or two but a total of 13 chances to win at this amazing game. This has been designed and developed by the IWG that are the most famous instant gaming developers in the industry. IG has designed some of the best Slot Cash Games and they have again prove their worth with the Quick Fire. There are four mini-games that the player can choose from. Quick Fire is set against the background of a brown wooden board. The logo is mentioned in golden letters at the top of the screen. There is a chance for you to win up to 6x multipliers with every bet. So, stop waiting and start playing one of the best slots cash games by IWG.

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Set against a backdrop of a brown wooden board with all the text and symbols made in golden, this is one of the most simple yet attractive looking Cash Slots Casino Games Freeplay Bonus games. there are four mini-games that have many different ways to win. An addition to this the multiplier is the most interesting feature in it. There is a huge deposit bonus slots winning potential which reaches up to 87.55% which means that for every £100 you will be given £87.55 in return.

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The gameplay of Quick Fire is very easy. All you have to do is at the starting is, roll a dice. This will determine the multiplier for that round. After this you will play across four mini-games that are as follows:

Game 1- You will be given barrels and clicking on them will uncover symbols. You need to find two identical symbols in one row to win.

Game 2- In this, you will be given coins that will reveal numbers. The two coins will have different numbers and if you select the larger one, you win.

Game 3- You have to click on the dollar sign to reveal 2 numbers. If the sum of the two numbers equals to 10 the player will win.

Game 4- You have to click on the money bag to show the amount of prize money that you have won.

Slots Cash Games
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The multiplier at the starting of the game is added to the cash that has been won by the end of the round. Hence, you can win abundant multipliers by playing slots cash games.

Final Words

Great graphics and sound effects with some very interesting gameplay makes Quick Fire one of the best Slots cash games in today's times. The huge 87.55% RTP is just another cherry on the cake. This is a must try if you want to have some fun while earning some profits out of it.

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