Blackjack Classic

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Blackjack Classic

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Gamblers usually prefer their online casino games to be simple, professional and most importantly very precise when compared to real life casinos. Blackjack Classic is one such game that has stood to its promise of delivering the best gaming experience to online users. The graphics are pretty simple and of high-quality so you will not find much difference between the real and this virtual one. A matte finished wooden round table with a green lamination on top gives a very elegant and rich look that makes the atmosphere very pleasing. This game is played with four decks of cards and you can bet with starting £1 up to £40 per hand.

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the developer of Blackjack Classic:

The developer of Blackjack Classic is NetEnt, the most talk about gaming company that has produced hundreds of amazing casino games for online users. With precise mathematical calculations in all their games, gamblers can totally rely on their betting strategies and wins.

Blackjack Classic

About the game

Played with fours decks of cards, Blackjack Classic allows you to place your bet on one or all five hands depending on your budget. Betting on all hands gives you a better advantage as chances of winning increases. You can either bet the same amount on all hands or choose a different amount for each hand. Whatever your betting strategy is, your aim is only to beat the dealer's hand by getting closest to 21 but without exceeding it. Or you can simply pray that the dealer gets a bust and you get to win all five hands.

Blackjack Classic
  • The benefit to the player: Since the dealer must stand on 17, you have an advantage of continuing the game even after 17 points in hand. Another advantage is, you have five hands to try your luck and if you get a bust in one hand you still have four but if the dealer gets a bust, you instantly win all five hands.
  • Double feature: When the total value of your first two cards is 9, you will be able to choose this option where you can double your bet from max £40 to £80 and stand a chance to win £160 on that hand. In this feature of Blackjack Classic, you will only be able to draw one card and the hand stands regardless of what the total is.


  • Split: This option is only open when the first two cards are of identical value and by choosing this you get to play an extra hand and a chance to win more.

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    With the professionally designed theme and multiple winning hands, Online Blackjack Classic is the game that you just cannot stop playing. The lower bet limits of £1 to £40 makes it ideal even for players looking for lower budget games.

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