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CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino OnlineBlackjack Fortune VIP is another addition to Evolution Gaming to its collection. The luxurious and attractive table of this game is reserved particularly for VIPs. Players will get to play this game with a grey coloured layout which looks quite elegant. The dealers hosting this game have quite a professional attitude. The game is accessible on any mobile casino platform.

The impeccable design and elite surroundings make Blackjack Fortune VIP adventure an amazing one. Side bets, high stake limits, and support on a mobile casino make it suitable for different player preferences.

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How to play Blackjack Fortune VIP?

This game can be given a try only when you are ready to place a stake worth at least 250 credits. Ready for that much bet? Just go and give it a try.

Players won't have to hustle for the rules as they are very simple and will be displayed on the game's layout. Note that the payout ratio of insurance is 3:1 and of blackjack is 2:1. Multi-hand mode along with multi-table mode is available for the players. You will have to bet against House as usual. The game's dealer will have to draw till 16 and also will have to stand on all 17s.

Blackjack Fortune VIP

Side Bets

8 standard decks of playing cards are used for playing this game. Every bet can be doubled apart from the split ones. On the split Aces, only 1 card can be added on. Side bets are just like other Blackjack versions and include 21+3, perfect pairs and bet behind. This increases the flexibility of the game, and these extra features are enjoyed by all the Online Blackjack lovers.

In betting behind, you can catch a glimpse of all the winning players in that particular round which will help you to decide that which players as well as hands you should back. In case you back the hands which are winning, you too will win even without participating in table game itself.

Blackjack Fortune VIP

A benefit to the players is that the elegant layout adds on to the delight. The well-designed room is also an advantage along with some attractive betting options. The betting limits are invariably high.

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Verdict: Blackjack Fortune VIP Review

Various betting options, high roller limit bets and multiple ways along with access to the mobile casino which can be used for accessing the table make this game much-wanted and liked by all. The surrounding design and layout provide the players a uniquely luxurious experience.

CoinFalls Mobile Jackpot Casino Online

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