Blackjack Grand VIP

Blackjack Grand VIP -

Blackjack Grand VIP

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If you are ever looking for a high stakes Blackjack game, look no further than Blackjack Grand VIP. This Mobile casino Blackjack is for experienced players. Anyone that is willing to bet big is welcome to take a seat at this online Blackjack table. Check out the review below to learn more.

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Blackjack Grand VIP Gameplay

Blackjack Grand VIP is played with eight (8) card decks. Each of the cards has a value amounting to “10” while Aces are rated at either “1” or “11”. Once bets have been made, the dealer deals two upward facing cards to each player. There will be another couple of cards deal in the bar. One card will be indoors while the other will be kept outdoors.

Standard rules apply in this Mobile casino Blackjack game. The idea is for players to defeat the dealer. A player can be victorious over a dealer when his card(s) value is “21”. The dealer may also lose if a player's card(s) value is greater than that of the dealer.

Blackjack Grand VIP -

A High-Class Game For High Rollers

Before getting into a Blackjack Grand VIP game by Evolution Gaming, players need to have the required cash. You play for real-money from the beginning and the minimum betting limit is £500.

The game has an elaborate and luxuriously decorated layout. This adds to the high-class feel of the game. For enhanced effect, there are HD cameras that get you immersed in the gameplay.

Blackjack Grand VIP

Playing Options Of Blackjack Grand VIP

A “Blackjack” is when you score “21” from the moment you are dealt cards. Where this is not attainable, then a player may decide to select any one of the options below;

A player may “Split”.

He may “Double down”.

The player can “Stay”.

He can “Request a card”.

A player may decide to “Take an insurance”.

In Blackjack Grand VIP a “19 Soft” is when a player is dealt a card value of “8” and also an Ace (i.e. 11). At this point, the best strategy would be to stop. A player can also stop whenever he gets a “17 Hard”. This is where he's dealt with cards that make up “17” without an Ace included.

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To Sum Up

This is an online Blackjack designed for mobile use. The layout is impressive and the gameplay is live. The betting limit is high and therefore the game is meant for serious gamblers. Payouts from wins are instantly made to your account with a gaming site provider. Interested gamblers can try out this online Blackjack game today.

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