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Hook's Heroes

Get the villainous side of you out because Hook's Heroes is here! This Pirate themed online slot will sail you through the life of a pirate and take you to a land full of treasures. When you are at it, expect some great sea adventures and a whirlpool of excitement, only on CoinFalls Casino.

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Hook's Heroes is a 5 reels and 20 paylines game with lots of winnings to look forward to. The betting starts at £0.20 and goes up to £200, which can be adjusted using the given arrows.

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Free Spins: Scatter symbols are what you need to get free spins. The number of free spins depends on the number of scatter symbols you get, so the more the merrier! Also, the player gets to choose from three rounds options. Choose from the given three, whichever Best Casino Site UK it!

Start Playing With All the Free Roll

The first is the Pirate feature. Like a true hijacker, Pirate feature lets you win without any rules and wilds. The bet lines are not considered here and the winnings are awarded on the basis of the visible symbols. There are 15 free spins to win from this feature.

Then there is the Mermaid feature. Mermaid brings in lots of luck for you with 10 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Adding to that, on every free spin if a wild appears, the winnings get multiplied by 4.

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The third feature is the Fairy feature. Here, the fairy has 7 free spins for you. She comes up randomly at any point of time and adds wilds at random places. If the wilds given by fairy are on reel 1, 2 or 3, it gives out unbelievable rewards.

Hook's Heroes will leave you guessing the randomly appearing wilds, in a good way! If you trust your fortune, then this game is definitely for you. This game is easy to play and is also special because of its Casino Mobile Online rounds. Not everywhere do you get to choose your rewards! An entertaining game in all, this game is a must play for all slot lovers.

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