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If you’re looking to to find out everything there is to know about live casinos then we’re afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. What you’d be looking for is an online encyclopedia as the amount of information there is about live casinos is simply too much for one article to talk about. What we can do however is tell you all the key things you need to know about live casinos and the live casino industry in general so you’ll feel happy enough you know everything you should know before playing in the games!

About the live online casino industry

Surprisingly, despite online casinos being around for around two decades now their live casino sections have only sprung to life in the last few years. Originally when they were first released they only offered the players a choice of one game(Blackjack), they only had one dealer available, and the quality of the game wasn’t exactly great.

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This has all changed now due to all the advancements that’s been going on in the live streaming world as now internet connections aren’t as pretty quick, and live streaming services are the now the norm. What this means for the safe live casino player, they have a choice of not 1 but hundreds of tables with happy and able dealers waiting to play all sorts of games with you that go far beyond just the basics of Blackjack and Roulette. We actually find it a quite an interesting statistic that nowadays live UK Roulette casino players make up as much as 50% of the active players online which should really go a long way in giving you an idea into the quality they possess.

Because the sound and video quality has gone up 10 fold in the last few years this has also allowed casinos to give players a more immersive experience where dealers can respond to them in real time and players can actually hear the smallest things such as the roulette ball falling into the numbered pocket which helps to build a vibrant and exciting gaming atmosphere!

Live casinos can now also boast some ridiculous bonus packages for their new players as well so for simply choosing a live casino as your place to play you can see yourself walking in with an extra hundred or even thousand pounds to play with!

When it comes to the gameplay at a live casino you’ll notice there’s a mix of virtual and real life actions that take place. When you enter a live casino lobby and select the table you want to play at you’ll be zoomed in on the actual livestream feed of that table where you can see the dealer as well as the betting table/roulette wheel next to them. When you look at the betting table you’ll notice it’s actual mixed in with the virtual world and you’ll be able to place your chips down on the table like you would at a real life casino.

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This is essentially how the betting takes place at a live casino. It starts with you looking at all the virtual chips around the edge of the screen which represents your bank balance, selecting the chip you want to use, and then clicking on the betting table to place the bet. You’ll notice there’s a timer that will be running down to let you know when the betting ends so you know when your last bets have to be in by.

Live casinos have made the betting experience even easier by have features such as a repeat bet button, a double the bet button, and other such buttons so your time isn’t spent frantically trying to get all your bets out and instead enjoying the game itself.

If you fancy yourself to be a pretty chatty person then we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear that you can chat and laugh along with your dealer who can reply to you there and then without any delay. To do this you’ll notice there’s a chat box waiting for you to t enter your message and press send for them to read.

Whenever a round’s betting comes to an end and you end up winning the round then you don’t have to go about collecting your chips as the betting board will be reset and all your winnings will immediately be credited into your account for you to use on the following bet!

This is everything you need to know if you want to jump straight into the games and start winning yourself some prizes however we haven’t even spoke about the biggest advantage that live casinos offer players and that’s the freedom of being able to play where and when you want at the drop of a hat. Live casinos are played through your laptop, pc, mobile, or tablet which means the only thing that’s deciding whether or not you can play is your internet connection.

This has revolutionised the lives of many players out there as no longer is it essential that you need to travel upwards of an hour to get an action packed and exciting gaming environment as now you’ll be able to do it from the comforts of your own home be that in the bath, lazing on the couch, or snuggled up in bed! What’s even better in our opinion is the fact that now whenever you have 10 or 15 minutes of downtime with nothing to do you can turn them into action packed adventures instead be that on your lunch break, waiting for the kids to come out of school, or even in the doctor’s office! The possibilities are endless and it means there will never be a boring moment again!

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We think that pretty much covers everything about live casinos including its history, advantages, and how to play the games so hopefully we see you at the tables alongside us very soon!


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