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Based on underwater Dolphin's pearl slot, Dolphin's Roulette offers similar stunning graphics to blow your mind and the best part is it is a live game with a professional dealer to assist you with betting. You can also get some Roulette deposit funds in your account when you make the deposit. In this game, you also have the option for the side bet that enhances your chances of winning money. The atmosphere of the game is really entertaining with those beautiful fishes and dolphins to lure your mind. The betting limit in this game is £1 of minimum and a maximum of £100.

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the developer of Dolphin’s Roulette:

The developer is Extreme Live Gaming who have developed many live casino games with real dealers to assist the gamers. They are popular for high-quality Casino Phone video gaming with webcam assistance.

Roulette Deposit Bonus

About the game

In this Roulette Best Free Casino game, you can place your bets on either one number for a straight win of 35 to 1 or increase your winning chances by placing bets on multiple numbers. You can use the outside bets such as neighbors of your chosen numbers, red or black, odd or even, etc for further wins. The more the number of bets in a slot game, lesser the amount you can win but you can minimize your losses this way. If you feel lucky then choose a couple or just one number to bet on and win big. However, the wins from those multiple bets add up to a good amount by the end of the day too.

Roulette Deposit Bonus
  • Dolphin side bets: In this betting, you need to choose a symbol to bet on and if the ball stop on a particular symbol on the table then you will win a certain amount. This works more or less like a slot game and the highest you can win is when you win with dolphin symbol chosen, where you get 80 times your bet amount in this Roulette deposit bonus game.
  • Betting Strategy: There are several proven betting strategies in games developed by popular mathematicians. One of the strategies you can apply in this Roulette deposit bonus that will not only help you win big money but avoid those huge losses as well. You can start with the lowest amount and gradually increase until the time you win and once you win switch back to lowest amount. This will cover for your losses and make a small amount of profit.

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This is one of the best Roulette deposit bonus games online with live support from a professional dealer. You can experience high-quality video as clear as it would be in a real casino that makes your experience very interactive.

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