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If you are a fan of Slingo games which are basically a combination of slots and bingo, then Big Money Slingo is definitely worth a try. There is not one but 6 locations where you can play this game. You can choose your pick your choice before starting the game. The winning potential of this Slingo is huge where you can win up to a £250,000 Jackpot . In order to win this £250,000 Jackpot, you need to fill out the maximum number of lines as soon as possible. It has been designed and developed by the IWG gaming software developers and they have done some really amazing job with the graphics and the gameplay.

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Play Big Money Slingo and win £250,000 Jackpot

This Slingo is just one of a kind. Just at the start of the game, you are given a chance to choose amongst the six locations to play from. The locations are Jokers Hamlet, Golden Fields, Royal Forest, Smugglers Cove, Diamond Peak and Lucky Gulch. Each of these locations has a different cost that starts from as low as 50p for the Joker's Hamlet and reaches to £15 for the Lucky Gulch. The gameplay of each of these locations is same. The only difference is the prize money and the interface of the game. There is a chance for you to grab a £250,000 jackpot by the end of this game.

Big Money Slingo Bonus Gameplay

The gameplay of this amazing game is very simple. As soon as it starts, you will be given 6 options of the places you want to play at. After you select one of the six options, you will be taken to the main screen. Each bet gives you 6 spins and you just have to make the maximum number of lines. You now have to click on the start button and up to 4 Jokers will be shown on your board. Each spin will either reveal a number or a free spin. The jokers that were added at the start of the gameplay will occupy that box and you will not have to mark them off in the table. Each line will have an arrow at its head showing the amount of cash that you can win by competing for that line. You can win as large as a £250,000 jackpot by finishing these lines.

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Slingo has some really amazing rules and very attractive graphics. This is obviously a crowd pleaser with a huge £250,000 jackpot and an easy gameplay. You are surely going to have a lot of fun playing this if you are a bingo or a slot fan.

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