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Big Bang

If you have ever had any genera wondering what space travel is all about then trying your hand at Big Bang Slot might be something worth considering. The game features stellar journeys across the universe. But the thing you will be left calculating is not fuel and oxygen but payouts and bonuses! The game is progressive in nature and features a multiplier which gives you assured rises in your win. Not only do you stand a chance of earning cosmic wins in this space travel, but you also get to experience the realistic animation and sound effects that Netent has done an excellent job on.

Stellar Features


Big Bang Slot is one game that is filled with all the Casino Mobile Online game interesting. From conventional wilds, the game even features a multiplier meter that keeps increasing as you keep progressing into the game. One of the major plus points is that the game is progressive and does not leave you lost in space. The Multiplier meter keeps things interesting.

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The wild symbol is available across all the 5 reels but the best part is that there are not one but two wilds in the game. But the best part is the multiplier and its bonuses. The game is divided into 6 levels and gives you multiplication rates as shown below:

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  • 1- 1x


Wide Variety of Themes for Jackpots

Space is something that has always made our jaws drop. It's infinite possibilities and tricky nature is a source of wonderment from kids to elders alike. Big Bang Slot tries its hand to cover these features as much as a slot game can and it is far from disappointing. Not only does the game feature some excellent animations and visual effects, the sounds are top notch as well.


Smooth Game Play

Big Bang is one of those games that is made to give the player everything he looking for. Be it a good gaming experience or immense payouts or even the thrill of anticipation, the game does not fail to deliver. The payout percentage of 96% and other features like the wild and progressive multiplier certainly improve our chances of high wins. The game does not have a free spin feature which makes it challenging in some levels.

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