Blackjack Buster

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Blackjack Buster

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Blackjack Buster is a side bet in the game of Blackjack which helps you win more if the dealer bust.  If the dealer bust with more than 8 cards, then the player wins up to 2000x. It is a beautiful table game that has redefined classic blackjack making it more interesting and also giving more chances for players to win. Get your hands on this table game and get the feel of a land-based casino in the comfort of your home. It has been created with exuberating beauty that will instantly attract all casino game lovers. Blackjack Pay by Phone Bill games, this version of it has more features to fall in love with.

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About the developer of Blackjack Buster

Blackjack Buster has been developed by Felt Gaming which is one of the top gaming developers. Felt Ltd is dedicated to creating world-class table games. The games created by them are user-friendly and can be played across different devices including PC's, mobile phones, tablets and more. They blend in the attributes of a land based casino-slots into the games created by them which make the games interesting. The different games created by them have also been known for the quality gaming it offers.

More on the game

Blackjack Buster is composed of the standard blackjack game and an additional blackjack buster side bet. If you have placed the blackjack buster bet and the dealer goes bust, then you earn high wins. You can start the game by placing your bet and then clicking on the deal button. Once the game starts all players will be dealt with two cards each, after looking at the value of your cards, you are to decide if you want to hit, stand, double down or insurance. You have to make sure that the total value of your cards is higher than the dealer but less than 21. If the total goes above 21 then you go bust. If you have a blackjack then you also have the option to “insurance” that and if the dealer bust then you will win all the bets.


Online Blackjack Buster is a wonderful version of Blackjack which gives ample chances for players to win more. If you are well acquainted with the classic blackjack then this version of it also shall not be difficult, it has been enriched with quality and design that will sure keep you hooked.

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