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Microgaming are the software developers of Gold Factory an online slots casinos gambling game. This is a mobile slots game with two themes. The first theme suggests that this is a luxurious lifestyle slot while the second theme depicts this game as a gold mining-related slot. There is a Gold factory Casino Mobile Online available where players get to play three mini-games. Read this video slot review to get more information these mini-.

Unique Gameplay

An Online Slots Casinos With A Victorian Era Vibe!

Gold Factory is a game based on gold mining activity in the Victorian era. This Best Online Casino UK game comes with 5 reels and 50 active paylines. When you match up symbols on the reels they tend to animate in a cute way when you earn a winning combo. The Victorian era was known for its great industries and its groundbreaking inventions.

This mobile slot has the industrial age symbols on the reels such as means of transportation that include a steam engine train, a hot air balloon and a submarine. The symbols on the reels also include a factory, gold-based items and some individuals. The Wild symbol is represented by the Gold Factory logo while a large gold coin represents the bonus symbol which activates the game's main bonus feature.

The Gold Factory Bonus Feature

You can activate the Gold Factory Bonus feature whenever you land a minimum of three large gold coin bonus icons in view on the reels. By so doing, you will trigger three bonus rounds and these include:

The Boiler Room Bonus feature: This is the first bonus feature where you are expected to select 4 out of 12 spots in the boiler room. There are secret prizes to be won from your selection. You can also select a Reactor bonus which is hidden or Free Spins feature. Where you select these two Play Casino Online CoinFalls Offers them.

If you select the Free Online UK Roulette during the boiler room feature, you will first go and play these bonus features. You will then return to the Boiler Mobile No Deposit Bonus these games.

The Reactor Bonus: In this online slots casinos game players are taken to a reactor where they will be required to select some parts of the reactor up until you reveal anyone out of the two faulty symbols.

Online Slots Casinos Free Spins Bonus Feature

Gold Factory has a Free Spins mini-game where you can earn a random amount of free spins. Players may earn a minimum of 10 free spins or a maximum of 35 free spins. After Online Casino Slots UK Best Games round, you will be taken back to the Boiler Bonus Room feature where you can gain access to the free spins feature as explained earlier.

Unique Gameplay

To Sum Up

This is an amazing Mobile Casino with a cool graphic display and animation. The three mini-games offer players a variety of ways to earn very good payouts. You can also try out this online slots casinos on top gaming sites today.

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One of the advantages you will have is your control over your own casino environment. You'll be able to do this in many ways. First, you get the hand to select the best for you based on what it has to offer in terms of design, games, software, bonuses, community, functions and other important qualities.

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Once you visit the online casino and want to play casino games, the players are absolutely spoilt for choice. The player can change and switch tables or games as and when they feel they want to. The thrill at a win and the disappointment when someone loses out, is exactly the same as it would have been during live casino play..

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The variations to the same are so many in number as well, that the player really has to wonder which game to play first. When playing for money a certain amount of seriousness creeps in. However, the feel of play Best Online Casino UK is like that of a video game, which is purely a stress buster.

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